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Summer in the North: To Capitalize or Not?


I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is enjoying a good summer. Or should it be this? I hope everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying a good Summer. It seems Some People feel the need to Capitalize Words They


Punctuation… by now you hopefully realize it’s super important. But why is it equally as difficult to master? Well, like so many things with the English language, there are debates over correct usage and stylistic flair, and of course things

Singular They | How Acceptable Is It?

Singular they

Have you been hearing the use of “they” in the singular lately? If you watch Bull, you have, even if you didn’t notice it. When on the stand, a priest—who was trying to keep a confessor’s identity secret—managed to use


Too many commas can cause motion sickness!

Punctuation… what is it good for? Don’t say, “Absolutely nothing!” Having worked with itty-bitties who have a tendency to not yet get the concept of run-on sentences, I know that the occasional punctuation mark can change gibberish into an interesting

Australian and Canadian and US/UK English, OH MY!

US/UK English is like fruit salad

So… understanding the different dialects of English, like US, Canadian, Australian, and UK English, is like this quote: Knowledge consists of knowing that a tomato is a fruit, and wisdom consists of not putting it in a fruit salad. ―