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Warning: Total Fluff Piece!

A whole twelve pounds of fluff, that is. She is my little monkey. Meet Carnitas Fajita Burrito. Yes, that is her full name. My brother sings it to her—she goes nuts! Carnitas was my first foster. I’m a foster flunk

WordPress Wizard

As I updated my quarterly project list, I realized that I now have had a hand in at least fifteen blogs! As I joke on occasion, my goal is to have access to edit everything on the internet. Fifteen pages

I Question Therefore I Am

I am a Questioner

I am a Questioner. I have even led off with this in client conversations. See, some people feel challenged by being asked a question. But that is not my intent, so I feel the need to give people a disclaimer.

I Love Science and Science Fiction


If you checked out my About Me page, you might have noticed that I slipped in a bit about being a scientist. Maybe you have heard people say things like science is just Latin for knowledge. And in fact, even

Strong Woman

Books With A Strong Woman Lead

As a strong, independent woman, I roll my eyes at the damsel in distress or the female character who is solely obsessed with finding a husband. Being a strong woman is hard, y’all, and we need to break out of