This is an overview of the projects I have worked on. Curious whether I have experience in your field of writing? Maybe you are wondering if I have recently worked on similar projects to yours. Check out the lists below.

This Quarter’s Projects

I have separated out the blogs because they are usually ongoing. For example, I often edit five to ten dog blogs in a week. For the books, each line is an individual project I worked on. I have a relationship with three independent publishers, so I of course know the genre and characters, but not the final title of most of them.

Amish Romance
Regency Romance
Victorian Romance
Amish Romance
Western Romance
Hard Sci-Fi
Regency Romance
Western Romance
Amish Romance
Steampunk Fantasy
Western Romance
Books Continued
Contemporary Christian
Western Romance
Amish Romance
Western Romance
Western Romance
Regency Romance
Western Romance
Tech Products
Personal Development
Music Recording
Student Finance

Titles Worked On To Date

For those projects that I did not sign an NDA or work in a more anonymous capacity, I have provided titles with links on the connecting pages (click on column headers).

Fiction Genres
Western Romance – 47
Regency Romance – 16
Amish – 8
Contemporary Christian Romance – 8
Paranormal – 6
Scottish Romance – 7
Science Fiction – 4
Time Travel – 3
Billionaire Romance – 3
Dark Fantasy – 4
Steampunk – 1
Erotica – 1
Sports Romance – 1
Western – 1
Non-Fiction Works
Blogs – 16
Self-Help/Inspirational – 6
Aquarium Magazines – 2
Websites – 2
Poetry – 2
Education Programs – 2
Ketogenic Diet – 1
Handbook – 1