About Me

About me: Have I mentioned that I love my job?!It took me some time to find my calling. When I tell an anecdote from my life experiences, I have frequently heard, “That’s ANOTHER job you had?!” Zookeeping came close to being my bliss… so did teaching.

In fact, I consider myself to be a natural teacher. It’s the mode I kick into automatically. Beware of jokingly asking me a question. Even if I don’t know the answer, I’ll start organizing what I do know about the topic so we can make an educated guess. I love to learn, so if I’m truly stumped by something I will find an answer at some point, or at least do enough research to piece together a working hypothesis. (Did I mention I was trained to be a scientist?) I am awesome at breaking down complex issues in a way that people from all walks of life can understand them and make progress towards solving them. Natural Teacher…

It was exploring ways to be in the education world without being a public school teacher when I stumbled into editing. And I LOVE it! You know you have found your thing when you can do it for hours, look up, and think “Where did the time go? Meh, I’ll keep working!”

I should have known that I would rock at editing. I have a compulsion to read things: road signs while driving, closed-captioning in the doctor’s waiting room, t-shirts on people I pass by, newspaper headlines while trying to give the barista my order, not to mention the stacks of books and magazines on my nightstand. Most of the time this habit goes smoothly, until there is an error! Then my mind skips like a record until I mentally correct the problem. See, I edit all day long, but editing gives me the ability to do something about my superpower!

My mission is to help female authors inspire other strong women through their writing. This can be through fictional characters who show that women do not have to be a useless stereotype. Or it can be non-fiction that directs other women to follow their passion, become sources of inspiration, form tribes, or otherwise support each other.

Another fact about me: I earned this Proofreading Certificate!
Look at my awesome certificate! It is for General Proofreading: Theory and PracticeTM

I have three values that form my personal editing style:
1) YOUR voice should come through, even once I have finished editing. After all, it is your work. My job is to polish it so you shine.
2) I prefer to collaborate with you, rather than “just fix it, already.” Two heads really are better than one, and we will frequently come up with solutions together that are better than either of us could alone.
3) Sometimes there is a right or wrong way to use English. Sometimes there isn’t. Over time the “right” way changes. (See value #2 for how to deal with this.)

My goal is for every client to be empowered and feel confident in their writing. I want to help people find their voice and take their place in the world. I want there to be a place for everyone in this world.

Empower, inspire, but if nothing elseā€”just love, people!