Non-Fiction Projects

Editing non-fiction projects let me indulge my inner nerd. To differentiate myself from video and photo editors, I often claim to be an editor of books and blogs. I have worked on a few other forms of writing, too.

Disclaimer: I know poetry shouldn’t really be under the non-fiction grouping, but I have not done enough of this kind of work to make a page for it by itself… Please don’t hate on me, ok?


I really love editing blogs. It gives me an excuse to read up on cool things. I appreciate all of the experience I have gained with WordPress, as it makes me very confident I can help my clients who have made me editors directly in their CMS. Here are some of the websites whose blogs I edit.


I have worked on a few projects that could fall into this category. From using life experiences mixed with inspirational speakers to helping people get ready for college, there are a lot of ways to help people. My most rewarding work has been with STMS Publishing.

STMS Publishing

In 2017, I began a relationship with STMS Publishing. It has been very rewarding to work with Melony Hill and her clients. Below are the titles I have edited directly through her publishing company. I have had the joy of hugging many of the women involved in these projects. Through conversations with Melony, I know how transformational seeing your name on a book can be.

Aquarium Magazines

One of the proposals I was most excited to write won me a spot listed in a magazine as their copyeditor! The images in these magazines are amazing, and it indulges my marine science background.

Website EditingWebsites

Fulcrum Scientific has put their project on hold, but I edited their original website.

I also did some work for a patent company’s website.

Education Programs

Before I became a freelance editor, I worked for the Living Oceans Foundation and edited their entire marine science curriculum. This is where I was first introduced to WordPress. There will be a blog on how I taught myself HTML because of it one of these days.

I also had an opportunity to help on another project that was tangled in some bureaucratic NDAs. I think it’s ok to say that it had to do with 7th grade science.

Then, of course, there are all of the lessons, PowerPoints, and other things needed in the daily life of a teacher that I edited in my 15+ years in the formal and informal education worlds.

Diet Plans

Ketogenic diets are quite the new fad, and I laugh when a coworker or someone else tries to tell me about it. I edited a book on it—I know, I know… and I’m glad you are feeling so great.


I was fortunate enough to edit the handbook and a number of other documents for the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program.