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As I updated my quarterly project list, I realized that I now have had a hand in at least fifteen blogs! As I joke on occasion, my goal is to have access to edit everything on the internet. Fifteen pages down, only a couple billion to go…

But really I have to thank the worst web developers in the world.

One of my past jobs had me testing out a new website design. I worked closely with the developers… in that it was my job to create and send all of the work tickets to fix any issues as I tested the website. I also was on most of the conference calls with them and fed my boss stats and descriptions as she negotiated with them.

I have never heard someone tell a client, “We can’t…” so often. It’s not ok. Not if you originally started the relationship by saying you can. And definitely not if I—who at the time had no coding experience—could Google how to do it and make it happen in less than an hour. Wait, who was the expert here?

Anything Can Be a Learning Experience

So despite the amount of cursing and headaches caused by that set of developers, I do owe them gratitude.

If you use WordPress, you should have the Yoast pluginIf it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t know how easy it is to search for WordPress hacks. I wouldn’t know how much fun I find in hunting down and tweaking the html until a webpage magically does what I want! This website wouldn’t look quite so spiffy, especially since the theme I use decided to make it harder to customize things on the free version. And I definitely wouldn’t have so much confidence working directly in my clients’ CMS.

Since then, I keep adding to my skills. Anyone with a WordPress site should have the Yoast plugin, because it does so many amazing things. And I find even more joy in turning the plugin circles green!! I always have it in the back of my head to learn some real coding skills. For now, I have WordPress tutorials and some slick html tricks to entertain me.

So do you have a WordPress site? Are you tired of fighting with the formatting of your blogs? Let me help. I weirdly enjoy it!

Let me know what issues you have had with your website in the comments below.

I would also love to read anything you need to vent about from dealing with a web developer! What did they say no to?

And if you want to help me with my goal of editing the internet, just contact me!

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